Our Values

AA&C’s values are what help us set the new standard for the modern law firm. They are our DNA.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

We know that diversity is a critical mandate for performance, problem-solving, innovation, transformation, and productivity. We are committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) workplace for our lawyers, legal professionals, and broader staff. We are further committed to helping our clients reach their diversity goals and advancing the cause of DEI within the broader legal industry.

New Life in Law:

We are determined to provide lawyers with a new life in law. For too long, firm lawyers have been beholden to the traditional pyramidal economics of law firms. AA&C embraces a new structure that allows our lawyers more career autonomy and the power to practice at their own pace, without minimum billing hour requirements. A structural hierarchy is replaced with a spirit of community, which encourages our lawyers to collaborate, allowing them to better serve their clients. Simply said, we believe our model makes for happier lawyers, and we believe happier lawyers lead to happier clients. 

Advancing the Practice of Law:

We embrace modernity and the application of non-legal best practices to the practice of law. From our investment in practice-enabling technologies to our focus on leveraging the right legal talent, data, and practice-specific technology for each legal matter, our goal is to provide companies with better value for every dollar spent with outside counsel.