Case Study
Real Estate Developer Quickly Grows by Nearly $100M

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AA&C partner created a strategy and deployed Axiom attorneys from several states to:

  • Lead negotiations on real estate transactions
  • Templatize a multi-state Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA)
  • Enable developer to close nearly $100M in new business


Local Real Estate Developer expanding to multiple new states needed to ensure compliance with state requirements. Company had no in-house legal department, and traditional outside counsel would have struggled to execute across multiple states quickly enough to support expansion timeline.



Developer brought in Axiom Advice & Counsel (AA&C) to gain legal guidance and management from an experienced legal partner. Working closely with the CEO and SVP of Operations, the AA&C partner rapidly created a strategy to approach the legal work required to support the expansion. Then, the AA&C partner deployed experienced Axiom attorneys from several states to lead negotiations on multiple Real Estate transactions and templatize a multi-state Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA).



  • AA&C partner’s legal guidance and deployment of Axiom attorneys to negotiate real estate PSAs in multiple new states enabled Developer to close nearly $100M in new business.

  • Quick mobilization of partner-level Axiom attorneys across multiple states helped Developer meet their expansion goals on time.

  • Reduced rates by 31% compared to what traditional outside counsel would have charged for this project.


*AA&C is an Arizona law firm. Axiom is a provider of legal talent and is not a law firm. Axiom lawyers engaged as independent contractors by AA&C work under AA&C’s supervision.

**Cost comparison contrasts actual AA&C and Axiom rates with rate of traditional law firm for work type, based on Wolters Kluwer Real Rate report.

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