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Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution Services

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  • Anti-trust litigation support  
  • Appeals 
  • Business arbitrations 
  • Business lawsuits 
  • Case management support  
  • Commercial litigation support  
  • Discovery management  
  • Disputes with vendors, suppliers, contractors, or other businesses  
  • Drafting motions for active litigation  
  • Employee relations and investigations  
  • Litigation inquiries  
  • Mass-tort litigation support  
  • Mediations and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) 
  • Pre-litigation support  
  • Regulatory investigations and enforcement  


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Axiom Advice & Counsel (AA&C)* empowers you to address your legal needs in a way that aligns with both your evolving business demands and budget. Our experienced partners provide law firm oversight while having unique access to Axiom's extensive bench of lawyers and legal professionals. 

*AA&C is Axiom's Arizona-located law firm 

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AA&C is a wholly owned subsidiary of Axiom

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25% Savings over traditional law firms
60+ Years of legal experience

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Jeffrey D. Harris

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Jeffrey D. Harris is a partner at Axiom Advice & Counsel. Jeff is an Arizona-licensed litigation, trial, and appellate attorney focused on business, contract, construction, and real estate disputes. He represents clients in all stages of litigation, including discovery, motion practice, oral argument, evidentiary hearings, mediations, trials, arbitrations, and appeals, as well as alternative dispute resolution and pre- and post-lawsuit negotiations.
Jeffrey D. Harris

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